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Allbirds' superfine merino fabric is comfortably snug and expertly conforms to fit the contours of your foot, while the mesh tree fabric is form-fitting and stretchy, hugging your feet in all the right places. Due to this adaptability, they only offer whole sizes.


  • This gift is intended for current US Sam’s Club associates who weren’t able to take part in the Holiday 2021 Allbirds giveaway
  • Only 1 pair of shoes per Associate WIN
  • No exchanges or returns will be granted
  • Sizes are only available while supplies last
  • No half sizes are available (for example if you are a 7.5 please order an 8)
  • Reselling of the shoes is not allowed

Income Tax Information – The current fair market value of the shoes is $49.50. Based on the Walmart Prizes & Awards Policy, there will be no income tax consequences to you. 


Men's Allbirds Sizes

Ladies Allbird Sizes